Outdoor Explore with Air Boats


Shirt| Jeans| Purse |Belt| Sneakers (sold out| Similar)| Sunglasses (Old Cole Haan C718 25| Similar for less | Similar)

We decided to take a last minute small family vacation to Orlando for a week. Usually, I skip summer vacation in favor of something in the fall for our anniversary but this year, my job has been wearing me a little thin. I was rapidly approaching burn out so a little get away was a must. My sister in law came with and she asked for one thing, to go airboating. That quickly became priority number one for us since it could be tackled in just one afternoon.

I like to feel like and look like myself on vacation and a striped shirt with a white pair of jeans is my standard fare uniform. Although we were on a boat with the possibility of getting soaked in swamp water *yuck*, this was still what I opted for. Not only does it fit for most casual scenarios, but by wearing long pants and sleeves I could keep my skin safe from the roasting sun and the biting mosquitos at the same time. It was just the wrong scenario to have naked skin.




I’m all about comfort when it comes to vacationing. From the top of my head down, this outfit was perfect for that. The material from the shirt is surprisingly thick so I didn’t spend all day wondering if I was going to sweat through it or if my bra was visible. The pants have the PERFECT amount of stretch to them so much so that reaching of this branch was no biggie. Also, little hint, I own three pair of this exact pair of white jeans which is why I was willing to risk it all. I scored them at an end of the season sale last year and decided to put one pair through the ringer on this trip. The inseam is the perfect length for my larger hips and short frame plus the pocket is finally deep enough for an iPhone! A trait that is worth its weight in gold in women’s pants.



I feel like I am constantly raving about this Madewell Crossbody Transport Tote but its because its that wonderful. I snagged it by accident because it was on a horrendously good sale but it turns out its one of my most practical purchases ever. I can fit an umbrella, my Nikon, a GoPro, my iphone7, a bottle of water, a pack of tissues and a package of face wipes in this little bag if I play my cards right. It literally hold all the necessities without looking ugly or weighing down my shoulders. It’s a total win.


All in all, the air boating was an awesome idea. We had so So so much fun although the middle of the day during the middle of the summer isn’t exactly prime crocodile spotting season. We went with Boggy Creek Airboats which was pretty close to Orlando. It was well priced for a day outing. Our tour guide was the absolute sweetest. He made sure that if he spotted something interesting, he pointed it out for us and as the resident biology nerds on the boat, hubby and I appreciated that. We got to see some great native birds which are also native to our neck of the woods but still great to see. I would definitely recommend one of the air boat tours especially if you go late in the evening when its cooler. Either way it was a fun little adventure and a great way to kick off our week. Stay tuned for more from our little trip.

XO Prepfordwife

PS. Enjoy this little snap with lovey for the road. ūüėČ


Mini Makeover for Under $150

Our guest room bathroom is the first room to be “done” in our house. Honestly, it’s the master bathroom. It opens off our kitchen so we opted to forgo the master and use it as the guest bathroom and the powder room for our first floor.¬†When we first moved in, the room looked like this.¬†


You’re obviously getting the most real before ever because I didn’t even clean up after dropping the stuff into the room. While the bathroom was completely liveable (minus the heinous amounts of unpacking needed) it wasn’t our style. It’s also not very functional as it stands. It has a really teeny and impractical shower which is literally the size of a packing bin. So this room has a bigger reno down the road for it. In the mean time, we gave it a little facelift for right around $125.

FullSizeRender (20)

Wall paint: Free. This color was already in our collection of colors from our old home

Mirror $47.99 + 5% Redcard= $45.60

Vanity Paint: $2.50 I go into the hardware store with an open heart and an open mind. Sure I have a particular color on the brain but then I just go for whichever shade is the closest on the Oops Rack. As long as it has the finish I want, I risk it and take it as a¬†sign from the universe¬†it’s meant to be.¬†It was either this almost black semi-gloss or a beautiful lilac color I was in love with. I made sure that when I painted, I went all the way down to the vent and painted the baseboard to give it one continuous feel.


Brass Handles:¬†$2.40 x 2= $4.80 Amazon for the win. I bought a set of five of these bars since I used them in the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen as well. They are a little light weight but visually appealing. We didn’t invest too heavily because we didn’t know if we would like them. But I’m a fan. Super high impact for so little money.

Vanity Light: $54.97 There are definitely better deals to be had on this little guy. After buying it, I realized I had one saved on my Amazon “New Home” list for $39.99. There’s also one on Houzz for $49.99.¬†Forehead slaps.

Trashcan: Free. A piece from our old home that we found in a thrift store for $3. However Target online sells these two (1, 2) similar cuties.


Shelves: Free. There were actually a ton of shelves left in the house when we moved in. We were deciding if we wanted to keep or let go but since the bathroom has so little storage we decided to make use of them. However they can be found at ikea for $10 for the brackets and the shelves.

Towels: Free. Well free adjacent. I actually used a Target Redcard perk to get both Bath Sheets. They are absolutely huge and beautiful quality.

Shelf d√©cor: Free. Again sort of¬†free but they are found items from our old homes d√©cor. The little elephant is¬†50 cent thrift store find. The brass tin with the toilet paper is actually the container from a cheese basket from our realtor so actually free. The little cheese plate with the wash clothes is a $1 thrift store find and the little pot if a 50 cent find from ikea. I’m still juggling on what to put in that little flower pot that will live in this relatively dark space.


Shower Curtain: $18 The shower is still a doozy but for now we will cover this incredibly cramped space with a shower Curtain. I actually bought this same shower curtain for our upstairs bathroom and liked it so much I bought it for downstairs as well for the sake of continuity. That little wood slat is from our old home as well.

So there it is folks, just a quick run down of what we did to our bathroom. Perspective and addition of natural light aside, it really is a much more liveable, loveable little space. For a grand total of $125.87, our bathroom got am entire facelift. Obviously if you don’t have on hand all of the little goodies we had before, it will run you a bit more. We may end up making some small changes in the future like changing the faucet and possibly making toilet before we go for the big all white reno. However, for right now, I am placated enough to move to the next room.

Thank you for following along

XO Prepfordwife

Graduations and Pineapple Dresses

My husband’s sister graduated from college this weekend which is truly a wild concept since I met this kiddo on her 13th birthday. They grow up so incredibly fast and I couldn’t be more proud.


I ended up wearing one of my absolute favorite dresses in the world. It’s a last season from Ann Taylor but it has been holding up as far as trends quite well. I paired it with one of my favorite classic J. Crew blazers and heels.


These heels had a pretty bland matte ribbon when produced by J. Crew. I snagged them at a warehouse sale so the ribbon was missing. Instead of buying the same ribbon, I went for this shiny ribbon as a DIY option. This purse was a no brainer as I had to carry my wallet, my dslr camera and obviously tissues for this special day. I got this purse for a Brooks Brothers steal at 80% off. Gasp!

DSC_0328 4DSC_0330DSC_0332DSC_0328 3DSC_0327

This is so far withstanding the test of time. I’ve worn it a few ways since purchasing it, including as a skirt. I think this is the simplest and least fussy so far. Anyway, here are some similar pieces for these older season items.

Dress (no online option but Ann Taylor factory has the skirt and gingham version of this dress/ Lemon not Pineapple/ More Lemon not Pineapple)/// Blazer /// Shoes///  Purse (Ostrich Version)

Thank you for following along with me.

XO Prepford Wife

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s day is one of my favorite inconvenient holidays ever. It’s only inconvenient because as a non-mother it’s constantly sneaking up on me. Luckily, as a chronic over gifter and early buyer, I’m always ready. If you haven’t purchased a mother’s day gift yet, here are some cute preppy gifts that my husband and I have purchased for our mothers in the past that have gone over well in a range of prices.Mom

Monogram Birthstone Necklace: Go in with your siblings on this one is the budget is super tight. You can add a stone for each of you. This also comes in bracelet, non-monogram and gold form. Truly the options are endless. If you are into small businesses, you can also snag one from one of my absolute favorite etsy shops, LEILAjewelryshop. Mom may need an IOU though because it takes more than a few days.

Kate Spade Mom Idiom Bangle: Classic. No brainer. Fast shipping. Need I say more?

Jack Roger Scallop Rainboot: We’ve actually purchased Hunter Boots for Mom in the past and she LOVES them but how many times can I stress that you need to buy Hunter boots? (Hint hint. This is subtly, or not so subtly, me doing it again.) Instead this time, I bring to you these little Jack Rogers for the mommy who isn’t into a tall boot and would probably love a little Chelsea style better.

Bauble earrings: They are all the rage this season and I actually have a precious little DIY coming down the pipeline for you super duper last minuters out there. In the mean time you can order a pair from Bauble Bar or snag a similar pair for less from J. Crew Factory.

Beats Headphone: With the emergence of the Iphone 7 with no separate port for headphones these are looking like a better and better gift by the moment. If mom is an outdoor work out-er (is there a real word for this?) then you may be better off with the buds option so she can wear one of the headphones out of her ears. As someone who runs outside at night, I need to be aware of my surrounding and these giant noise canceling earbuds would be just flat out dangerous.

Candles: Rewind candles are absolutely lovely and smell great. Even better than those though are a candle with a cause. One of my favorites are Mingle Collection of candles from Bridgewater Candles. When you purchase candles, proceeds go to feeding one of any of the millions of orphans around the world. Shop small when you can but also shop with a purpose.

Loccitane Almond Gift set: Husband and I talked my mom into trying this last year and she has not turned back yet. I swear if my mother could, she would drink this stuff just to coat her insides it in. It’s a wee bit pricey for what you are getting but the smell and feel are both absolutely decadent. It’s honestly the spa that keeps on giving.

Camera: Many years ago, I purchased a camera for my mother in law as a Cyrano gift of sorts from her husband. She absolutely loved it and even with the advent of prime Iphones, I still recommend a camera. The Canon power shots are great cameras. In the word’s of my husband “If you’re just a casual mom taking graduation photos, it’ll do”. He says this because his first suggestion was the Sony Ar7 which is pricey if you’re mom’s not a photographer. For the casual user, he’s right. It’s good.

J. Crew Rattan Purse: This isn’t actually a gift for mom; it’s a gift for me. With the number of times I’ve used this bag recently, I would be foolish not to add it to the countdown. If I were a mom I would be anticipating this under the Mother’s Day Tree. I don’t care that that’s not a thing. If/When I have children, it will be. P.S. There’s a J. Crew Factory version as well. You’re welcome.

Anyways, there’s my round up of cute and easy gifts for mom. Honorable mentions goes to these seersucker pajama shorts, this apple watch band and this Draper James Trinket “Mother Knows Best” Trinket tray.

What are you getting your mom this mother’s day? You can tell me. I won’t tell her.

XO Prepford Wife







Rattan Straw Purse


One of my favorite trends this season that I will actually hop on board with its the Straw/ rattan/ bamboo bag. I am #teamwicker until the death of me. If you are following along with trends on Instagram, you know that they’re¬†making¬†experiencing a bit of a revival with the appearance of the aptly named, cult classic, the Ark bag by Cult Gaia. I briefly considered pulling the trigger on that purse but instead decided to pull out this classic little J. Crew cutie in the name of #stylenotbuy.


I scored this litte wicker bag at J. Crew warehouse sale¬†some seasons ago and I am thrilled to see that they’ve bought it back once more. It’s the perfect bag for brunch in that it has enough room for credit cards, lipstick, phone, tampons and keys with a bit of room to spare.


Dress | Shoes (old| similar)| Purse

This purse honestly goes with all of my dresses which is all you’ll be seeing until September from me since it’s already a million degrees in my neck of the wood. You’ll also be seeing instant replays of these espadrilles since they are my favorite shoe of the moment. Here are also a few of my favorite rattan purses this spring. Just in time for mother’s day!

rattan purse1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/

Are you getting into the rattan trend? If so, which one did you snag?

XO Prepford Wife


What I Wish Someone Told Me About Buying a Home


Take a course 

If you are buying for the first time, especially if you know very little about purchasing a home, definitely take a course even if it’s just online. My parents didn’t exactly instill financial literacy into us. I knew the basics (how to write checks, how much to put into savings, don’t max out credit cards) but I didn’t know the fine tune details of buying a house. ¬†The initial mortgage we were going to get required us to take a course all about the home buying process and the information in it was incredibly useful. In the end, we ended up not needing it but at $75 total and I gotta say it was some of the best money we spent during this process. If you have the time and money to wiggle this course into your day, I definitely recommend it.

 Know your limits

We were prequalified for a mortgage and I mentally decided that I only wanted to pay three-fourths of what we were prequalified for. I wasn’t concerned about what houses in our market cost or what we were allowed to spend according to the bank, I had a dollar amount in mind for what I wanted our mortgage to be and anything above that was a no go for me. I knew even a few thousand dollars would add more to our mortgage than I was comfortable with. Even if we could afford to pay it, I didn’t want even that very slim financial burden. Agree to an amount and make every effort to stick to it.

Be very sure about your must haves

We had the housing check list of nonnegotiables. Three beds, two baths, fenced yard, lay out that makes sense, natural light, LOCATION. Everything else was negotiable because we were willing to make changes. Did we prefer hardwoods? Absolutely. Was it a deal breaker if the house didn’t already have them? Nope. Make sure that the nonnegotiables on your list are accounted for especially things that can’t be changed. ¬†We could fence a yard but couldn’t change the direction our home faces towards the sun. We could change a bathroom vanity but not our neighborhood.

My husband and I adore our little town, would do almost anything to stay in it. Only thing is, it’s expensive. We could have gotten double the house for half as much money if we would have just caved and moved twenty more minutes. But we loved where we live and it was important for us to stay here. For us, location was the ultimate must have.

Calm down and don’t get attached

I am someone who has had the same heavy midcentury modern credenza for years because I think of it as a friend. I recycle because I think plastic has feelings and I give clothes to friends instead of selling them because I want them to have a good home. Moral of the story, I’m sentimental but buying a home is not the time to be that way. ¬†When you are looking at houses try to maintain emotional detachment. At no time in the buying process did I think of the house as “my home where I’ll one day make Thanksgiving dinner and raise children and let our dogs roam the yard”. It’s a dangerous practice. Either you end up paying too much money for a house because you HAVE to have it or you cry bitter tears when you lose “the one” in a bidding war.

Be aggressive, Be be aggressive

This is actually a crock of horse S*** coming from me. I find it hard to be assertive, let alone aggressive. But it’s totally necessary to figure out the art of negotiation. We ended up using a buyer’s agent (a real estate agent who works for the buyer alone) to find homes, visit homes and inevitably do a lot of the negotiating. Our realtor was awesome. He was warm and charming and fun and funny but when it was time to do business, he handled it. The home that we ended up choosing needed a new HVAC, roof and hot water heater and our realtor got them all for us in spite of the competitive market. It’s incredibly important to be assertive and work in your best interest when buying.

Get the Warranty!!!

Once you do actually buy a home, get the home warranty! I swear to you there are so many things that can go wrong in the home that don’t show up on the inspection. Even if your inspector is an ace, he’s only in the home and inspecting for a few hours at the very most. A lot of the things that they missed can be caught by a home warranty. It’s only $500ish dollars which can seem like a nuisance after shelling out however many thousands of dollars for inspections, closing cost and initial moving cost but I promise you the warranty is worth it. It covers a multitude of sins including the appliances in your home. Such a small amount can cover so much peace of mind for your first year in a new home. We will probably even keep it once this first year is over.

Just Keep Swimming

Last but not least, don’t get buyers fatigue and just cave. Several times over, we saw home where I thought “this is good enough, lets just buy it.” But that is really no way to spend for one of the biggest investments of your lives. Really wait until you feel like the getting is good and then go for it.

I think there are other really useful sites out there on the interwebs that will guide you through buying a home but all of these things were things that no one taught us and I wish they had. What are some things you wished you’d know or feel is was really left out of all the guides when you purchased?

XO Prepford Wife



Prepford Wife: About Me

I’ve had this blog for years and I don’t think I ever formally introduced myself. So I’d like to take the time out on my 100th post to do so. I have 100 posts on here (wow) and yet so many unpublished either because I stopped and started, they were just too private for these inter webs or just because it was no longer relevant. But today, today is the day where this one is sent out into the world.


So first and foremost, Hi. My name is Victoria. My blog is Prepford Wife on every single forum on these inter webs. Here are some random facts about me that may pop up from time to time.

  1. I run a prep blog but I think many of the preppy brands (Lilly, Vineyard Vines and some of the J. Crew items) get a wee bit tacky. I have a more vested interest in classic personal style than duplicating outfits from pinterest (not that there is anything wrong with finding style inspo). It’s why a lot of the time you will see my clothes reworked in this space with the #stylenotbuy hashtag.
  2. I am married. I didn’t marry young. I just look 15. My husband is the most incredible man on the face of the planet and he is actually responsible for this blog’s punny little name.
  3. I am physically attracted to nice teeth. They are seriously the first thing I look at and as long as I find a persons teeth attractive I can find them attractive. My honey has the most gorgeous teeth in the world. See instagram: jcreweveryday
  4. I am a biologist by trade but also a firm believer in Christ. I believe in evolution and God simultaneously and find nature and its perfection just to be another reflection of God’s grace and order. “There is no conflict between¬†the life of faith and the life of inquiry”.
  5. I am an INFJ like a large number of bloggers and its reflected in how I interact with others in real life and through the blog. I feel way too deeply and I carry a lot of other people’s baggage because I live a large part of my life internally. And yet, it doesn’t me from being outgoing. #outgoingintrovertprobs
  6. The husband and I are Harry Potter crazy. We had a (non-tacky) Harry Potter wedding which you can see here. We also have two appropriately named giant pooches; Remus Lupin the Irish Wolfhound mix and Sirius Black the Giant Schnoodle.
  7. I suffer from chronic second hand embarrassment. Ask anyone who has known me longer than three months. I  get so embarrassed by tv shows that I end up watching them through my fingers. Why oh why would he choose to propose to her in front of allllll of her family?! Eeek. I also am privy to all of my friends embarrassing stories so they can watch me squirm.
  8. I’m allergic to shellfish, apples, latex, carrots, birch trees, dust, pollen, etc etc.
  9. I achieve flow in all that I do. Once I start on something, it’s the only thing in the world. I am thrown head long into it until I reach a good stopping point.
  10. I am a chronic triple sneezer.

New around here? Tell me something random about you that I didn’t know!

Prepford Wife

Popcorn is Only Good When It’s Edible: A Guide to Popcorn Ceiling Removal

We’ve all had it and ignored it. Because who really wants to spend days of their lives and thousands of dollars trying to remove sparkly gritty popcorn ceilings. But you’ve looked up and you’ve seen them collecting dusty and wondered to yourself if you should just spend the weekend and do them. The answer is most definitely yes. First and foremost popcorn ceilings are gross. Maybe not now but if you own dogs like we do inevitably, even the highest cathedral ceiling collects dust like its its primary mission in the world. The ¬†popcorn ceilings make even the highest room look shorter and absorbs light like a black hole.


We purchased our new home which had very dated popcorn ceiling with the idea that as soon as we moved in, the ceiling gotsta go. So before we unpacked a single solitary thing besides underwear and a toothbrush, we went to work on the ceilings.¬†We removed the popcorn from the major areas including entryway, living room and the bedrooms. We left it alone -for now- in the hallway, kitchen and bathrooms. Even I can admit that the popcorn hides a multitude of sins and these are the areas that the dogs don’t go in and also experience a high degree of moisture so we didn’t want to expose the drywall in these rooms if we don’t¬†have to.

Husband and I are all about cutting a corner when we can. Which would explain why we tried about four methods of removing the popcorn ceilings before we did it “the right way”.

We tried doing the shop vac scraper technique seen here. We quickly scrapped that idea because it was a straight up Pinterest fail. The sheer amount of ceiling falling could never make it into the vac and it made for a very slow process because the vac just¬†wasn’t¬†long enough. Add the fact that it was a one person gig since we only had one shop vac and we realized 50 sq ft into a room that it was a total waste of our time.

Next we tried the spray pump method recommended here. The spray pump just wet the ceiling and bounced off without any account for if it was actually saturating the popcorn or not. Add that to the fact that we were doing this at night where we couldn’t see if the popcorn actually saturated and Im 5’4″ and we didn’t have a ladder (face palm at trying to do this on top of a vintage piece of now very chalky furniture) and it was just a hot mess. So here’s what we actually ended up doing and what we needed to complete it.


2- hand spray bottles

1- 12″ scraper

1- 5 gallon bucket

1- ladder

2- drop clothes

1- 4 foot ladder

1- bottle of purex laundry detergent

1- Abesthos/Lead test kit ( If your home was built before the 1980s then you need to test the ceilings for any abesthos and lead both of which are a possibility)

1. Run incredibly hot water into a five gallon bucket that has a cap full of detergent in it. We saw this earlier in a guide and found when we neglected to use detergent it was harder to tease off the popcorn ¬†I’m not sure what the detergent does and I’m not sure that it leaves no residue so proceed with caution.¬†¬†We just used purex because it’s what we had on hand but a no dye detergent of some sort would probably be better just in case there is an issue with color.

2. Cover floors in the area that you are working. We also draped a towel and some plastic over our ceiling fan after doing our first room and realizing what a mess this project could be.

3. Fill spray bottle with water from the five gallon bucket. Spray 5×5 patch of ceiling with spray bottle from about a foot away. Beware you are about to get one heck of an arm work out. I fully support you attempting to go back to the sprayer method and seeing if you can make it work.

4. Scrape sprayed patch with LONG SLOW EVEN strokes at a 45 degree angle. I repeat LONG SLOW EVEN motions. We were concerned about gouging the drywall because we didn’t feel like replacing it (like I said corner cutters) so we made sure to be extra specially careful.

5. We had a few areas that were a bit sticky and couldn’t be bought down in this way so we ended up scraping as much as we could and then gently sanding those patches down with a 100 grit sand paper block.

5. Let ceiling dry and roll with white ceiling paint.


This photo is a small area of our living room that we managed to tackle in under a half hour once we stopped being lazy. We didn’t think very highly of the canvas drop cloths, moving them only where we absolutely needed them, because we¬†had every intention of pulling this carpet up the next day. If you are someone who, you know, actually lives in your house, this method with plastic sheeting covering all of the walls and floors would probably be a life saver. I could only imagine doing this task with furniture and kids and dogs afoot.

All in all this project took us a weekend and was incredibly high impact. Definitely worth the time. Final product pictures will absolutely appear after we finally design a complete room in our home. Keep in mind, this project will take more time if you have painted ceilings or if you do in fact find the aforementioned asbestos is in your ceilings. If that is the case, call in the pros and start shelling out some cash.

So, are you feeling confident about removing the popcorn ceilings in your home?

XO Prepford Wife

Belle Sleeves and Stripes



Dress|  Camel Pendant Necklace| Sunnies| Shoes| Purse (old asos, similar, monogrammed!)






There’s no such a thing as a stripe I don’t like but today even more so than ever. I wore this dress for J. Crew’s fictitious, yet undeniably real, holiday #nationalstripeday. I passed on the bell sleeve trend before because I couldn’t quite seem to find one that worked for me. But I saw this dress and instantly freaked, which was a good thing because it’s sold out twice since I first purchased.

A lot of the time, the length on these dresses airs on the side of “cutie at the beach” which means they’re hard to transition to the office. Add to fact that I need an extra inch or so to accommodate my hips and rear and a lot of these dresses are just way too short. This dress though is the perfect length. It was the ultimate first try for me for bell sleeves and like I always do I couldn’t resist going full throttle into the trend. I now own five of these pieces. Oh well, Kanye shrug what can you do? Anyway, where are you on the bell sleeve trend?

XO Prepford Wife




How I Get Ready in Literally 5 minutes (or Less)

As the resident night owl and self identified morning hater in my house, I’ve honed in the ability to race out of bed and out of the house in twenty minutes or less. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but it’s kind of a skill set of mine. A large portion of it is the ability to choose a professional outfit in under three minutes, prep it and put it on and then stick with it. How many times have you gotten completely dressed only to realize you hate the entire look?


The first thing I do is pick an article of clothing that inspires me right away like a beautiful pair of shoes or a flashy pair of pants. Then I center tried and true basics around it. Emphasis on tried and true. If I have a pair of pants that I’m not sure about the fit or a skirt that I always tug to keep down or a shirt that I have to have a special bra for, then a dash and go day is not the day to be experimenting with that.


I pick only the clothing that I know I feel awesome in as a basis. Like these pants which are literally my favorite pants in the world. I’ve never had a bad day in them. Then I added the tried and true favorites of this ruffled white button down, these bow shoes and this trench coat which honestly makes its way out of my wardrobe at least twice a week with this mild North Carolina weather.


imageSo that’s it! The secret to my dash and go mechanism. Think of some clothing that you ALWAYS feel good in. Keep them ironed if you’re someone who is frustrated by wrinkles so that for a dash and go day they are available. ¬†These days are always the days where I get the most compliments on my outfits. ¬†I look dressed but didn’t over think it. What’s your go to “I need to run out the house” piece?

XO Prepford Wife