Graduations and Pineapple Dresses

My husband’s sister graduated from college this weekend which is truly a wild concept since I met this kiddo on her 13th birthday. They grow up so incredibly fast and I couldn’t be more proud.


I ended up wearing one of my absolute favorite dresses in the world. It’s a last season from Ann Taylor but it has been holding up as far as trends quite well. I paired it with one of my favorite classic J. Crew blazers and heels.


These heels had a pretty bland matte ribbon when produced by J. Crew. I snagged them at a warehouse sale so the ribbon was missing. Instead of buying the same ribbon, I went for this shiny ribbon as a DIY option. This purse was a no brainer as I had to carry my wallet, my dslr camera and obviously tissues for this special day. I got this purse for a Brooks Brothers steal at 80% off. Gasp!

DSC_0328 4DSC_0330DSC_0332DSC_0328 3DSC_0327

This is so far withstanding the test of time. I’ve worn it a few ways since purchasing it, including as a skirt. I think this is the simplest and least fussy so far. Anyway, here are some similar pieces for these older season items.

Dress (no online option but Ann Taylor factory has the skirt and gingham version of this dress/ Lemon not Pineapple/ More Lemon not Pineapple)/// Blazer /// Shoes///  Purse (Ostrich Version)

Thank you for following along with me.

XO Prepford Wife

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s day is one of my favorite inconvenient holidays ever. It’s only inconvenient because as a non-mother it’s constantly sneaking up on me. Luckily, as a chronic over gifter and early buyer, I’m always ready. If you haven’t purchased a mother’s day gift yet, here are some cute preppy gifts that my husband and I have purchased for our mothers in the past that have gone over well in a range of prices.Mom

Monogram Birthstone Necklace: Go in with your siblings on this one is the budget is super tight. You can add a stone for each of you. This also comes in bracelet, non-monogram and gold form. Truly the options are endless. If you are into small businesses, you can also snag one from one of my absolute favorite etsy shops, LEILAjewelryshop. Mom may need an IOU though because it takes more than a few days.

Kate Spade Mom Idiom Bangle: Classic. No brainer. Fast shipping. Need I say more?

Jack Roger Scallop Rainboot: We’ve actually purchased Hunter Boots for Mom in the past and she LOVES them but how many times can I stress that you need to buy Hunter boots? (Hint hint. This is subtly, or not so subtly, me doing it again.) Instead this time, I bring to you these little Jack Rogers for the mommy who isn’t into a tall boot and would probably love a little Chelsea style better.

Bauble earrings: They are all the rage this season and I actually have a precious little DIY coming down the pipeline for you super duper last minuters out there. In the mean time you can order a pair from Bauble Bar or snag a similar pair for less from J. Crew Factory.

Beats Headphone: With the emergence of the Iphone 7 with no separate port for headphones these are looking like a better and better gift by the moment. If mom is an outdoor work out-er (is there a real word for this?) then you may be better off with the buds option so she can wear one of the headphones out of her ears. As someone who runs outside at night, I need to be aware of my surrounding and these giant noise canceling earbuds would be just flat out dangerous.

Candles: Rewind candles are absolutely lovely and smell great. Even better than those though are a candle with a cause. One of my favorites are Mingle Collection of candles from Bridgewater Candles. When you purchase candles, proceeds go to feeding one of any of the millions of orphans around the world. Shop small when you can but also shop with a purpose.

Loccitane Almond Gift set: Husband and I talked my mom into trying this last year and she has not turned back yet. I swear if my mother could, she would drink this stuff just to coat her insides it in. It’s a wee bit pricey for what you are getting but the smell and feel are both absolutely decadent. It’s honestly the spa that keeps on giving.

Camera: Many years ago, I purchased a camera for my mother in law as a Cyrano gift of sorts from her husband. She absolutely loved it and even with the advent of prime Iphones, I still recommend a camera. The Canon power shots are great cameras. In the word’s of my husband “If you’re just a casual mom taking graduation photos, it’ll do”. He says this because his first suggestion was the Sony Ar7 which is pricey if you’re mom’s not a photographer. For the casual user, he’s right. It’s good.

J. Crew Rattan Purse: This isn’t actually a gift for mom; it’s a gift for me. With the number of times I’ve used this bag recently, I would be foolish not to add it to the countdown. If I were a mom I would be anticipating this under the Mother’s Day Tree. I don’t care that that’s not a thing. If/When I have children, it will be. P.S. There’s a J. Crew Factory version as well. You’re welcome.

Anyways, there’s my round up of cute and easy gifts for mom. Honorable mentions goes to these seersucker pajama shorts, this apple watch band and this Draper James Trinket “Mother Knows Best” Trinket tray.

What are you getting your mom this mother’s day? You can tell me. I won’t tell her.

XO Prepford Wife







Rattan Straw Purse


One of my favorite trends this season that I will actually hop on board with its the Straw/ rattan/ bamboo bag. I am #teamwicker until the death of me. If you are following along with trends on Instagram, you know that they’re making experiencing a bit of a revival with the appearance of the aptly named, cult classic, the Ark bag by Cult Gaia. I briefly considered pulling the trigger on that purse but instead decided to pull out this classic little J. Crew cutie in the name of #stylenotbuy.


I scored this litte wicker bag at J. Crew warehouse sale some seasons ago and I am thrilled to see that they’ve bought it back once more. It’s the perfect bag for brunch in that it has enough room for credit cards, lipstick, phone, tampons and keys with a bit of room to spare.


Dress | Shoes (old| similar)| Purse

This purse honestly goes with all of my dresses which is all you’ll be seeing until September from me since it’s already a million degrees in my neck of the wood. You’ll also be seeing instant replays of these espadrilles since they are my favorite shoe of the moment. Here are also a few of my favorite rattan purses this spring. Just in time for mother’s day!

rattan purse1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/

Are you getting into the rattan trend? If so, which one did you snag?

XO Prepford Wife


Belle Sleeves and Stripes



DressCamel Pendant Necklace| Sunnies| Shoes| Purse (old asos, similar, monogrammed!)






There’s no such a thing as a stripe I don’t like but today even more so than ever. I wore this dress for J. Crew’s fictitious, yet undeniably real, holiday #nationalstripeday. I passed on the bell sleeve trend before because I couldn’t quite seem to find one that worked for me. But I saw this dress and instantly freaked, which was a good thing because it’s sold out twice since I first purchased.

A lot of the time, the length on these dresses airs on the side of “cutie at the beach” which means they’re hard to transition to the office. Add to fact that I need an extra inch or so to accommodate my hips and rear and a lot of these dresses are just way too short. This dress though is the perfect length. It was the ultimate first try for me for bell sleeves and like I always do I couldn’t resist going full throttle into the trend. I now own five of these pieces. Oh well, Kanye shrug what can you do? Anyway, where are you on the bell sleeve trend?

XO Prepford Wife




How I Get Ready in Literally 5 minutes (or Less)

As the resident night owl and self identified morning hater in my house, I’ve honed in the ability to race out of bed and out of the house in twenty minutes or less. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but it’s kind of a skill set of mine. A large portion of it is the ability to choose a professional outfit in under three minutes, prep it and put it on and then stick with it. How many times have you gotten completely dressed only to realize you hate the entire look?


The first thing I do is pick an article of clothing that inspires me right away like a beautiful pair of shoes or a flashy pair of pants. Then I center tried and true basics around it. Emphasis on tried and true. If I have a pair of pants that I’m not sure about the fit or a skirt that I always tug to keep down or a shirt that I have to have a special bra for, then a dash and go day is not the day to be experimenting with that.


I pick only the clothing that I know I feel awesome in as a basis. Like these pants which are literally my favorite pants in the world. I’ve never had a bad day in them. Then I added the tried and true favorites of this ruffled white button down, these bow shoes and this trench coat which honestly makes its way out of my wardrobe at least twice a week with this mild North Carolina weather.


imageSo that’s it! The secret to my dash and go mechanism. Think of some clothing that you ALWAYS feel good in. Keep them ironed if you’re someone who is frustrated by wrinkles so that for a dash and go day they are available.  These days are always the days where I get the most compliments on my outfits.  I look dressed but didn’t over think it. What’s your go to “I need to run out the house” piece?

XO Prepford Wife

Denim on Denim and the Clogs


VestShirt| Pants | Clogs| Canvas

I love all things denim. Nothing screams the weekend to me quite like it. And nothing screams Sunday quite like denim on denim. Double denim always leaves me feeling like the sleek off duty blogger mommy in Trader Joes’. Which brings me to this outfit.




The moment I saw these shoes I knew they called for double denim. The entire outfit is truly framed around them. Earlier this year, I blogged about #shoppingnotstyling where I planned to buy nothing until June. Well I totally caved and bought these shoes. I fell in love with them last year at Madewell and my husband hates them so I left empty handed. I went into the store the other day just to window shop the new collection and these little friends were a smooth $49.99 with an extra 50% off. Husband be gone. I could not resist. And most importantly I didn’t want to. The reason we stopped shopping was to make sure that we only purchased things we loved and I looooooved these shoes from the bottom of my grinch little heart.


This outfit also needed the prerequisite canvas bag because we were honestly headed to the grocery store (I am eating newly purchased Very Berry Cheerios as we speak) and we don’t use the plastic grocery story bags if we can help it. #savethetrees


Anyway, these shoes make me so happy and I am so glad I broke my shopping fast for them. What item are you lusting over that you know you probably shouldn’t buy?

A Weekend with Bae


Sweater| Scarf | Vest |Biker Jeans |Boots

I was out of town all last week and so I was thrilled to spend the weekend with my husband. We spent time with some of our nearest and dearest and just poked around one of our favorite small gems in North Carolina, the town of Old Salem.


I got the opportunity to dig out some gems from my wardrobe. At one time, I had this sweater listed for sale on Ebay and took it down on a whim. Now I can’t believe I ever considered selling such an easy staple piece. It’s so warm and cozy and the long sleeve always makes me feel extra-specially bundled.



This puffer vest has been seen literally everywhere which doesn’t stop me from getting great joy from it. It’s been sitting in the back of my closet for the better part of this fall/winter but in the interest of #stylingnotbuying, it’s making a come back. This scarf is one of my absolute favorites but I couldn’t figure out exactly how to wear it. I decided that this outfit needed some texture though and figured it out.


It was just a great weekend to bundle up and head outside. It was nice to get away if only for a little bit with the stress of what is going on in America and the world at large. I can not imagine a world where hatred spreads like wild fire and I just want to hold tight to my teddy bear of a first generation American. Here’s to love trumping hate.

XO Prepforddsc_9933





Come Pack with me

img_4515Call this a guide to squeezing an entire business weeks worth of clothes into a carryon. I’ve flown a lot in my short time on earth and what I’ve discovered is that for some reason I have a very high mistrust for the airline. I fear that my luggage will miss the lay over or that it will be seriously damaged or it will just flat out go missing. So if I travel for less than I two weeks at a time, I always bring a carry on instead of a checked bag.

I have a business trip coming up and here’s how I shoved a week plus worth of clothes into the cutest rolling carryon ever.


Sweater| Jeans | Button Down| Purse |Carry-on| Shoes



I am a button down kind of girl so I snagged enough of them to make it through the week. I’m wearing a plain white one and then packed my three most basic and yet special button downs. Throughout the week, I’ll layer then and mix and match them under the sweaters and the dress in the top left. Each article of clothing is good for any climate and can be mixed and matched for casual and business. Not featured is a standard fair black blazer and my favorite J. Crew lady day coat. When packing for a week, pick the clothing you feel best in.  There will never be a day on this trip where I won’t love what I have.

I also threw in clothes for more casual wear like my favorite pair of mom jeans, two tshirts and some work out clothes. I stacked the items up by genre, all the tops together, all the bottoms and the all the casual clothes.


Shoes go in the pouch beneath the logo. In the main case I layered the stacks and tucked the underwear at the bottom of the case.


It takes a bit to smooch them in but it truly is enough clothing for the week.

To The Library We Go



Hat| Tee| Blazer |Chinos | Pumps  (similar, similar, similar)

I love a book store. Or a library. Or a warehouse. I jus love anywhere that houses books. Growing up with my childhood bestie -who I am blessed to still call my best friend- books were our safe place. We were just giggling on the phone the other day about slipping an extra book in our bags from our middle school library because four books was not enough for the a whole weekend. (Disclaimer: All Most books made it safely back to the shelf where they belonged on Monday).


In my favorite used bookstore, I make a beeline for my favorite sections; young adults and fantasy. I can never get enough of either. Sure adult fiction and non-fiction is good but it’s entirely too grounded in reality when I’m looking for an escape. Queue Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on audiobook in my car for the tenth time.


Husband and I also ended up in the library (I needed a new library card). I snagged a miscellaneous book in the self help section and it turned out to have some beautiful advice and really spoke to exactly where I am at this point in the year. The passage affirmed me in  not shopping and really just gave merit to how we are currently operating our finances in my home.


Plus, the title made me giggle. It’s “Do I look like an ATM?: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Financially Responsible African American Children”. That is such a black mom phrase. But from the very first page I randomly flipped open to I knew it was a good (and funny) read.

I almost always end up laughing on these little photo outings. My husband does a great job of making sure that I do by working really hard for the laughing photos. He saves up inside jokes from the week and tells them too me on the spot and no matter how many photos we take, it still surprises me into laughing each and every time. I am so blessed to have a marriage where there is fun and joy.


This post was suppose to be about this outfit but mostly your getting a lot of feels from me. Oh well. Guess you’ll just get a chance to know me better. Scroll down to see my favorite part of our local used bookstore.




Can you guess which quote is mine and which is Hubby’s? One thousand gold stars to the winner.

XO Prepford



Hats Off to You


Hat| Sweater( similar, similar, similar) | Pants (sold out, similar) | Shoes| Purse

I’m trying to do better with styling not buying. In order to stave off closet staleness, that means I’ve moved over to my husband’s closet. Queue this J. Crew Ebbet’s field hat. fullsizeoutput_917


I kidnapped a few of these before for weekend wear and if I say it once, I’ll say it again, they are amazing. They are the only brand of cap that can handle my natural hair.


I always wear red for a pop of color; it’s why you’ll see me with my ever present Apple watch band. So when it came to this outfit the easiest choice was red as an accent.fullsizeoutput_90d

This sweater has been living in my closet in desperate need of love. It’s warm and comfy and is perfect for the day where I don’t feel like getting dressed.


I was just telling my husband earlier today that I remember a time where I would automatically reach for sweat pants during the weekend. Clearly, I was a college student and when you’re in college, sweat pants and yoga pants are the only way to be comfortable. As I get older though, I’m realizing more and more that polished staples with hints of color serve me better. Not only am I cozy but I also feel comfortable in my appearance in public.

What’s your go to weekend piece that is comfy but still polished?

XO Prepford Wife